Study Abroad – Learn Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish!
Fun language immersion programs around the world! Take language classes at a language school abroad while living with a local host family or sharing a residence with other international students. Many of our language schools also offer fun cultural activities and excursions.
Mission Statement

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We, at Language Skills Abroad, intend to give every person the opportunity to immerse themselves in, and learn from a different culture while preparing them to become a greater asset in the work force with the ability to communicate in a foreign language, by continually expanding our list of great language schools around the world, providing the lowest possible prices, and by developing, for each individual, a customized language program from which s/he can grow in language ability as well as personal development through cultural immersion.
Why use Language Skills Abroad?

With all the various agencies available, why should I go through Language Skills Abroad? Well here are just a few answers to that question. We are confident that after reviewing the facts, you will agree that we are the number one choice for studying abroad.

1. High-Quality Schools: Language Skills Abroad only works with schools that have established a good reputation for their language program. Our schools have been providing quality language programs for many years and have a consistently satisfied clientele.

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2. Flexible Schedule: Our schools allow study abroad to be feasible to even the busiest person. Language Skills Abroad offers programs that run in increments as short as one week and are year round. This means that students can study abroad for as long or as short a time as they need and can come back to study abroad whenever they can, to pick up where they left off.  study abroad

3. Flexible Program Options: With the various locations available, students who wish to expose themselves to more than one culture can coordinate a program to study abroad in more than one location. Language Skills Abroad will be happy to help you with that.

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4. Cultural Lessons: Though the main focus is to learn a language, our schools also provide extracurricular activities to enhance your experience. You can learn to dance a Latin dance such as salsa, merengue, or tango; learn to cook the native dishes, go to a museum, watch a sport with the locals, as well as many activities to keep you busy learning about the culture.

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5. PRICE: Language Skills Abroad offers the least expensive programs around. Seriously, do the homework and check it out for yourself! No other agency will be able to beat our prices… and if they can, we’ll beat theirs! Why is Language Skills Abroad the least expensive study abroad program compared to the other agencies? Well, it’s not because our services aren’t as good, that’s for sure. In fact, we offer the same study abroad services as most other agencies do. Some have an onsite advisor when you get to the school to help you coordinate your excursions, but that’s not worth the hundreds of dollars more than they charge. Especially when the schools are just as helpful in offering the exact same service just for being enrolled. So what is the difference? We do not charge you for coordinating your program. We do all the work to organize your study abroad program and let you sit back and use our expertise at no charge to you.

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6. No Hidden Costs: Not only are we the least expensive, but we at Language Skills Abroad also don’t charge you any last minute hidden fees that students don’t find out about until they start the registration process. There are only 2 types of fees which a student through Language Skills Abroad could possibly incur: 

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There is a $35 bank charge which is the cost we incur when we process payment, and those who require invitations for visas, will usually need to pay a processing fee to cover the cost of obtaining the invitation.  These are costs a student could incur regardless of which company they use or even if they decide not to use the expert help of an agency! But with Language Skills Abroad, you are not sending any additional fees directly into our pockets. We do a lot for you but we won’t make you pay for our services… though we already mentioned that, it’s worth repeating! There is a non-refundable deposit, but it goes toward the cost of your program.  That’s how much we really want you to experience the wonders of travel and study abroad in a foreign culture. We don’t want price to deter anyone from getting to have this great experience.

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If you still have questions, you can contact Language Skills Abroad by phone or e-mail so we may assist you in any possible way in your endeavor to study abroad.