10 lines short stories with moral

10 lines short stories with moral, Language Skills Abroad
MomJunction brings to you a list of 25 short animal stories that children would love to hear. What’s best, these stories about animals come with a moral lesson too!
Moral: Slow and steady wins the race.

10 lines short stories with moral, Language Skills Abroad
We have many more moral stories for kids, these inspirational moral stories are best to provide good values to your children.
Then grasshopper learned his lesson the hard way.

10 lines short stories with moral in english, This short story is of a boy, he comes to see his father, he does not know where his father is, but he looks for them, that boy knows that his father was some time ago. He had come to work in this village, but he has not come back yet, that boy asks everyone, where is his father, but no one knows anything, that boy is upset, but thinks, That he must do something,
The man wanted to get some work from them, he has moved in with them, the boy now goes to the man, he says, my father came with you, the man says, I know, What are you talking about, he has already left from here some time, that boy thinks, where do I find him now, nothing makes sense, he must have been told, he will be his Goes in search because it is very important to find them Done, Mother is also waiting at home.

10 lines short stories with moral, Language Skills Abroad
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This is a story about a fox who lived in a forest. Near the forest, there was a vineyard. One day, while the fox was searching for food, he passed through the vineyard. He didn’t know what exactly it was. As he came closer, he realized that it was grapes. As he looked at the grapevine, he drooled. No matter how much he tried, but his effort was futile. He decided to take rest for some time. He concluded that the grapes might be sour. Just because he was unable to reach the grapes, he started to make excuses and soon he gave up. He was very hungry but just because he didn’t try further, he had to sleep empty stomach that night.

10 lines short stories with moral, Language Skills Abroad
The most popular and most widely narrated of the Panchatantra stories. The monkey and crocodile become friends, but the crocodile’s wicked wife has other intentions. She wants to eat the monkey’s heart! Read the complete story here.
A partridge and a rabbit get into an argument. They decide to find a third person to settle their argument and come across a praying cat…Read this story to find out what happened next (Hint: It’s not so difficult to guess!)

10 lines short stories with moral, Language Skills Abroad
Worrying won’t solve your problems, it’ll just waste your time and energy.
The other friend replied;

  1. Once a crow found a big piece of cheese
  2. The crow held it in her beak and flew up to the tree branch to eat the cheese
  3. A fox came by.
  4. When the Fox saw the piece of cheese his mouth watered as the cheese looked tasty
  5. Suddenly an idea flashed through his mind, the Fox called out the crow in a very smooth gentle manner
  6. “Madam I’ve heard that you have a very sweet voice would you mind singing a song for me?” he asked
  7. The crow was way smarter than the Fox she understood his cunning intention
  8. She carefully tipped the piece of cheese from her beak and put it under her foot
  9. Then she sang a song
  10. Fox was outwitted he did not reply he quietly walked away
  1. Fox was passing by a tree he saw a hen sitting on one of the branches
  2. The fox’s mouth watered and he thought “what a fine lunch!”
  3. The Fox did not know how to climb a tree so he somehow had to make the hen come down.
  4. He looked up and said gently “Hello friend, I have a great news”.
  5. “What is it?” Asked the Hen.
  6. “I am a Messenger of God hereafter no animal will eat any other animal we are all friends, so come down let’s celebrate”.
  7. The smart hen replied “whoa! that’s really great, we should probably call our human friends the house! look, they are almost here”.
  8. The Fox gasped on hearing.
  9. As he was about to run the Hen asked “What are you afraid? we are all friends now!”.
  10. “Yes, but the human friends might not know this” saying this the Fox run away as fast as his legs could carry him.

10 lines short stories with moral, Language Skills Abroad
The entire class as well as the teacher ridicule the girl for being clumsy. But the boy knew in his heart that the girl had saved him from the unlimited number of teases and jibes.
Saying this, he went inside the cave and hid himself well.

10 lines short stories with moral, Language Skills Abroad
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Folktales (or folk tales) are stories that have been shared from generation to generation by word of mouth. They consist of fairy tales (or fairytales), Animal tales and Legends, which you will find here!

10 lines short stories with moral, Language Skills Abroad
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I got The Peaceful Lion and the author’s other book, The Juice of Life.