3 paragraph short story

3 paragraph short story, Language Skills Abroad
“Wash your hands” had led to the new hire carefully removing one hand, rinsing it, reattaching it somewhat sloppily, then attempting to repeat the process with the other one. Encouraging her to smile had sent the entire first grade screaming and running away from the queue.
Stay awhile, friend, and read my language paintings.

3 paragraph short story, Language Skills Abroad
Choose details that suggest a larger picture. If you say mention food-encrusted plates piled on the kitchen counter and a slice of week-old pizza congealing on the kitchen floor — readers will imagine that the rest of the kitchen is dirty too.
The best way to write a great short short story is to write a lot of them!

Synopsis: In this short story, Randy Reynolds shows us that just because you can’t see the result of your hard work doesn’t mean it isn’t worth working towards. A girl plants a flowering vine, waters it, gives it fertilizer, and even talks to it so it will grow, but only a vine grows, no flowers. Sad with the lack of blooms, the girl wants to cut it down, but as she starts, she hears something from the neighbor next door. When she goes next door she sees the most beautiful flowers coming from her vine, so all of her hard work had paid off even though she hadn’t noticed.
Short stories are a fun way to get kids involved with reading. There are so many benefits: the fun characters, the simple-to-follow plot, and the lessons they teach. The following 2-paragraph short stories are ideal for grades 2 through 5 because they are quick and easy reads and have a moral. These morals provide talking points for teachers and parents to help introduce character traits to children or to reinforce ideas.

This was a letter written by a once thought heartless murderer, but this and many other letters written by the mass murderer lead me to believe that he was hallucinating during his man slaughter. I truly believe he was a god loving man, and that his actions were not done because he wanted to, but because he truly believed he was defending himself against zombie like creatures. When the CIA went into his last hold out to eliminate him, I believe we should have tried to capture and detain him, because obviously this man just needed some help. So please lift the charges on Mr. Glasson, though the murderer used his shotgun to kill over a hundred people, Mr. Glasson had no idea of what his son would do with the family hunting fire arm.

Liquid life, its voice singing a sad song, flowed out of my wound (Once again, personification, but it still applies)

To Build a Fire is the story of an anonymous character who leaves home for a destination on the Yukon trail but faces heavy snow which makes him fall. He tries to kill his dog to keep himself alive, but the dog also senses his intentions. Later, he tries to make the fire but does not succeed and dies. His struggle and his wrong notion about his strength and thinking power prove fatal for him. This is one of the best short stories without the names of the characters.
To Build a Fire by Jack London