aging vs ageing

aging vs ageing, Language Skills Abroad
9. It was such a nice to find you at home when I got back from work. I wasn’t expecting you till the weekend.
a) suprise
b) serprise
c) surprise
8. It was not possible to the Siamese twins. They were joined together for life.
a) separate
b) seperate
c) saparate

In accordance with a recent World Health Resolution (67/13), a comprehensive Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health is being developed by WHO in consultation with Member States and other partners. The Strategy and Action Plan draws on the evidence of the World report on ageing and health and builds on existing activities to address 5 priority areas for action.
Older age is also characterized by the emergence of several complex health states that tend to occur only later in life and that do not fall into discrete disease categories. These are commonly called geriatric syndromes. They are often the consequence of multiple underlying factors and include frailty, urinary incontinence, falls, delirium and pressure ulcers.

aging vs ageing, Language Skills Abroad
These two words are alternate spellings with the same meaning. Which one you use depends on whether or not you are writing in or for North America.
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I am British, and a language and spelling consultant.
The exceptions to this rule are almost all one-syllable words in common usage. Very common words are always far more likely to break spelling rules, as are short words.

aging vs ageing, Language Skills Abroad
Check out the examples below,
In this article, I will compare ageing vs. aging. I will outline when each spelling is appropriate for your writing and use each of them in example sentences.