authentic vs genuine

The prevailing sense of genuine is real or true (see REAL) often with the implication of descent without admixture from an original stock or of correspondence without adulteration to the natural or original product called by that name.
It also is applied to words or phrases used figuratively or hyperbolically to assert the justice of the designation or of its truth in essentials.

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If I refer to cuisine which has exactly same taste as the homegrown one , which word fits for the following context?

Is it an educated guess?

For example, say there’s an Apple USB cable, and another, fake Apple USB cable. So should I say the first one is “original Apple cable” or “genuine Apple cable”? Which is better, which is more common?
Genuine can mean

The term “being genuine” is more about how you relate to other people. You are genuine when you reach out to others in a caring and authentic way. Being genuine means being warm towards other people.
Here is an example. Mary Anne is a supervisor at a manufacturing plant. She was promoted a year ago to supervisor because she was very efficient in her production tasks. Mary Anne expresses her self authentically a lot. She says whatever she thinks and feels without regard for what others feel about her messages. As she functions more and more as a leader, she is starting to get some complaints from her employees and even from her executives. Why? Because she is not being genuine with people. It’s true she is authentic, but she does not stop to think how she is coming across to others when she expresses herself. That is hurting her relationships with co-workers. She is not communicating warmly and genuinely. As a result, others experience her as abrasive and uncaring. What Mary Anne will need to learn is how to express her self genuinely with co-workers, as well as authentically.

As Rudá Iandê says, “Our world is full of fake perfection and happiness, but craving for authenticity.” It is by being your authentic self that you will find deep, lasting connections that will help you to lead a happy and healthy life.
This is what’s really annoying about fake people. To your face, you’re their best friend. But as soon as you’re away, you’re nothing. They sit and gossip about you to make themselves look better to whoever it is they’re trying to impress.