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female version of brethren

Female version of brethren Why must ‘brothers and sisters’ be shortened to ‘brethren’? Miss Mae : Frank Russell, professor of history and classics at Transylvania University, said it so

age suffix meaning

-age definition, a suffix typically forming mass or abstract nouns from various parts of speech, occurring originally in loanwords from French (voyage; courage) and productive in English with the meanings “aggregate” (coinage; peerage; trackage), “process” (coverage; breakage), “the outcome of” as either “the fact of” or “the physical effect or remains of” (seepage; wreckage; spoilage), “place of living or business” (parsonage; brokerage), “social standing or relationship” (bondage; marriage; patronage), and “quantity, measure, or charge” (footage; shortage; tonnage; towage). See more.