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camping words, Language Skills Abroad
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camping words, Language Skills Abroad
Shock cord
An elastic cord running through tent poles to separation or loss of the poles, and to expedite set-up.
Small, thin, dead wood used to start a fire.

a place where you can stay in a tent or caravan
to stay somewhere for a short time in a tent or other temporary shelter

camping words, Language Skills Abroad
36. Blaze: Blazes are small rectangular symbols painted on trees to mark a trail. If several trails are located in the same area, different colored blazes may be used for each trail to distinguish them. Trail blazes help hikers identify the trail they are on and stay on the correct path. When a trail turns or comes to an intersection, a “double blaze” is used to indicate which direction hikers should go. A double blaze has two rectangles with the upper blaze offset slightly toward the direction the trail turns.
35. Winterizing: Those who want to use their RV all year round may need to add some protection from the snow and weather and prepare their RV for the cold. Those storing their RV for the winter season should also take measures to ensure their camper is protected in the winter. This process of preparing an RV for winter is often called winterizing. If you want to skip winterizing your RV, become a snowbird and head to warmer weather.

camping words, Language Skills Abroad
One really cool thing about camping is that it overlaps with nearly every other outdoor activity. Hikers camp. Climbers camp. Skiiers camp. RVers camp. Trail runners camp. Campers camp. You get the idea.
Rucksack: /ˈrɛdˌlaɪn/ Another word for backpack. In German, rucksack literally means “back bag.” Now it often refers to a smaller bag or daypack.