figurative expression

Poe uses alliteration by repeating the /w/ sound to emphasize the weariness of the narrator, and then /r/ and /s/ sounds in the second and third lines respectively. In the last two lines, the /d/ sound highlights the narrator’s hopelessness.

Poised between going on and back, pulled
Both ways taut like a tight-rope walker,

Here is the list of Figurative Expressions beginning with D .
A dead letter – something which no longer exists

figurative expression, Language Skills Abroad
as big as a barn: very big (usually used in a negative
way to describe a person who is very fat).
One very common fixed figurative expression in
English i s the “formula” as ___ as a(n) ___ .
Variations on this “formula” are often heard in
conversation. (They’re used only in informal writing.)

Bee-line – the shortest distance between two places
To have a bone to pick with someone – to have something to say to someone which might cause a quarrel

The next page of notes is about similes another type of figurative expression widely used in English.

  1. The situation in Iraq was . debated by Congress.
  2. After a slow start, their relationship .
  3. Because of changes in regulations, farming is quite a . these days.
  4. She wanted to do well at work so she set out to . her boss.
  5. He saw his university degree as the . to a successful future.
  6. She made a . mistake when she was rude to him at last week’s small party; now he’s the boss and he’s unlikely to forgive her.
  7. People are . about the future of the university.
  8. America sees Cuba as being in its own .