fourth in order or level

fourth in order or level, Language Skills Abroad
M. C. Escher’s pictures illustrate some relevant issues.

  • Some human knowledge is tacit rather than descriptive or declarative .
  • Embodied knowledge is an example of knowledge distributed within, and across a network
  • It is something we may say we ‘know’, but it exists at a level that cannot be described.
  • Saying that we know how to ride a bicycle is not saying the ‘knowing’ itself.
  • When I am riding, my body uses knowledge that cannot be described in words.
  • Nevertheless I may sit quietly and meditate on what it was like to ride a bicycle.
  • When I do so my attention focuses inwards and distracts me from events around me.
  • Conversely, when in a difficult task (e.g. winning a cycle race) I soon forget the ‘inner’ me.
  • This illustrates that systems appear to have distinct ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ realities.

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fourth in order or level, Language Skills Abroad
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3. Member States shall ensure that a consolidated review of their statistics is published.
When applying this Directive, it is appropriate to take account of the characteristics and needs of smaller obliged entities which fall under its scope, and to ensure treatment which is appropriate to their specific needs, and the nature of the business.