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Transient is the successor to Magit-Popup (see (magit-popup)Top).
Both packages make it possible to specify how exactly the available commands are outlined:

hydra prefix, Language Skills Abroad
Most of them only work in the created music channel!
If you vote for this bot and you are in the Support Server (or join it after), you’ll get the ‘VIP’ Role for 2 days

hydra prefix, Language Skills Abroad
It is recommended to dereference resources that are within an API’s domain. This may prevent possible issues with cross-site scripting or obtaining resources which might have no meaning to the client or such that the client would be unable to interpret. Still, there is no formal prohibition of dereferencing resources linked with well-known properties, e.g. rdf:seeAlso.
These differences have interesting consequences. For example, the commonly asked question of which properties can be applied to an instance of a specific class can typically not be answered for Linked Data. Strictly speaking, any property which is not explicitly forbidden could be applied. This stems from the fact that Linked Data works under an open-world assumption whereas data models used by programmers typically work under a closed-world assumption. The difference is that when a closed world is assumed, everything that is not known to be true is false or vice-versa. With an open-world assumption the failure to derive a fact does not automatically imply the opposite; it embraces the fact that the knowledge is incomplete.

Generate a hydra from a prefix map

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Unfortunately words are sometimes also elusive, deceptive, fleeting in memory.
Words are expressive, emotive, nuanced, subtle, erudite and discerning!