China is a most intriguing place for Westerners.  With an ancient, tumultuous and exciting history, China offers a whole new world to today’s student.  As the obvious best place to go to learn Mandarin Chinese, it is also a place where art, architecture, history, beautiful landscapes, and so much more can be explored.  Formerly a nation closed to the outside world for many years, China has now become a much more welcoming place.  The Chinese have experienced growing security and prosperity, as capitalism and modernity have become an increasing part of everyday life in China.

As the largest market in the world, China is rapidly becoming more and more important for worldwide businesses.  Learning Chinese is an asset to students for the future as well as an asset to businesspeople right now.  Aside from learning the language, there is so much more to learn from China.  Not only is China’s history important to China, but it is also important for the world.  We may not often think about the origin of noodles, fireworks and gunpowder or kites, but we can thank China for those and many other important inventions.  Even today other aspects of Chinese culture are becoming important in the U.S. and elsewhere, such as the practice of acupuncture.

China is also a very festive and beautiful place to visit.  We all know about Chinese New Year, but how many of us have really experienced a real Chinese New Year, complete with the colorful Lantern Festival marking the end of the celebration?  While in China, you have the opportunity to visit ornate and beautiful Chinese gardens and palaces.  If you like cycling, you can explore on bike.  Bicycles are inexpensive to rent and are available in many areas.  And let’s not forget the food.  A taste of real Chinese cuisine awaits you.

So what are you waiting for? Language Skills Abroad currently offers two language schools in China.  Check out what we offer in Beijing and Shanghai, and go to China!