leg root words

leg /lɛg/ USA pronunciation n., v., legged, leg•ging.
n. [ countable ]

  1. Anatomy either of the two lower limbs of a two-footed animal, as a human being, or any of the paired limbs of an animal, that support and move the body.
  2. something resembling or suggesting a leg in use, position, or appearance, as one of the sides of a triangle.
  3. Clothing the part of a piece of clothing, boot, or the like that covers the leg.
  4. Furniture one of usually several relatively slender supports for a piece of furniture.
  5. one of the separate parts or sections of anything: on the last leg of a trip.

v. [ no object ]

  1. to use the legs in walking or running: We were legging back to the store.


  1. Idioms a leg to stand on, [ usually used with a negative word ] facts or proof to support one’s claims or arguments: With such skimpy evidence against us the police don’t have a leg to stand on.
  2. Idioms a leg up, an advantage: Our new product gave us a leg up on our competition.
  3. Idioms on one’s or its last legs, just short of collapse: The failing business was on its last legs when he took it over.
  4. Idioms stretch one’s legs, to move or walk around after a long time sitting.

-leg-, root.

  • -leg- comes from Latin, where it has the meanings “law” and “to gather;
    read.” It is related to -lec- . These meanings are found in such words as: delegate, illegal, illegible, intellect, intelligent, legacy, legal, legate, legend, legible, legion, legislate, legitimate, paralegal, privilege, relegate, sacrilege.
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    8. Legate : LEG ate (le gat’) v.

    18. Legitimate : LEG itimate (le jit’ i mat) adj.

    leg root words, Language Skills Abroad
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