list of homonyms

RACE – RACE (раса – скачки, гонка): the human race; horse racing; a race horse; race cars;
REVIEW – REVUE (обзор, рецензия, рассматривать – ревю): to write a review; theatrical revue;

list of homonyms, Language Skills Abroad
Weak – Week

  • The date on the letter was 30th August 1962.
  • She and Ron go to the park to date.

2. The start of life as a physically separate being
3. An obstacle to the smooth or normal progress or functioning of something

list of homonyms, Language Skills Abroad
so – as a result
elicit – draw out

Sew watt if you lose a letter or two,
The whirled won’t come two an end!
Can’t you sea? It’s as plane as the knows on yore face
S. Chequer’s my very best friend
Prays the Lord for the spelling chequer
That came with our pea sea!
Mecca mistake and it puts you rite
Its so easy to ewes, you sea.