neuter nouns

Once you’ve understood how feminine and masculine nouns work, neuter nouns should not present too much of a problem. Many of the features you’ve already met on pages 6.4 and 6.5 also characterise neuter nouns.
To practise identifying the cases of neuter nouns go to Exercise 6.6A and Exercise 6.6B.

neuter nouns, Language Skills Abroad
– 11 nouns ending in -мя: бремя burden , время time , вымя udder , знамя banner, flag , племя tribe , имя name , пламя flame , полымя flame (archaic), семя seed, semen , стремя stirrup , темя cinciput
– noun дитя child

A mother passed with her child. [Feminine]

A neuter noun may become masculine or feminine by personification.