once twice thrice

Any help would be appreciated.

  • 2 ants -> a pair/duo of ants
  • 3 mice -> a trio/trinity of mice
  • 4 cats -> a quartet of cats
  • 5 dogs -> a quintet of dogs
  • 20 birds -> a score of birds
  • 144 eggs -> a gross of eggs (more often called 12 dozen eggs)

once twice thrice, Language Skills Abroad
For an example in another language, in Latin, the numbers one, two, and three get “special treatment” in the sense that they have masculine, feminine, and neuter forms; other numbers (until you reach the hundreds at least) don’t vary according to gender.
Ah, now that’s one thing I was trying to remember – although having only up to tertiary education doesn’t really help jog the memory of everything above that!
So that goes quinary, senary etc I’m guessing.

once twice thrice, Language Skills Abroad
Why didn’t you buy half a doxen?
Scores of volunteers offered to help in the search for the missing child.
Unemployment in the north of England is twice the national average.
Teachers say they would be twice as effective if they had no administrative tasks.

once twice thrice, Language Skills Abroad
Kyle Kellams interviews Roy Reed
Roy Reed: Reporting from Selma

once twice thrice, Language Skills Abroad
“Yes, it’s been 15 years of higher education for our children, but it’s been fun. There’s the empty nest syndrome next year as Juliet goes off to Pietermartizburg to do her internship.”
Kirsty is arts and crafts director at the Two Oceans Aquarium.