one paragraph story

one paragraph story, Language Skills Abroad
When you revise your story, get the word count down by removing repetitions and any kind of filler. But save this type of editing for after you’ve finished writing a rough draft.
There are many online literary journals where you can find exciting examples of short short stories — and where you can publish your own! Flash Fiction Online and 100 Word Story are two to check out. Poets & Writers Magazine offers a comprehensive database of literary magazines on their website.

Synopsis: A 9-year-old boy looks down and his pants are wet and there is a puddle between his legs; he has peed his pants. This is an awful situation for any person to be in, but just when he thought this was the worst day in his life, Susie slips and spills a fish bowl of water right in the boy’s lap. The boy is so happy that no one noticed before the water got spilt on him. The teacher rushes him to the nurse because his pants are soaked in fish water, his friends feel bad for him, and Susie whispers to him, ‘I’ve wet my pants too.’ This shows kids that we all have bad days and it is important to remember to have empathy at all times.
Synopsis: In this short story, Randy Reynolds shows us that just because you can’t see the result of your hard work doesn’t mean it isn’t worth working towards. A girl plants a flowering vine, waters it, gives it fertilizer, and even talks to it so it will grow, but only a vine grows, no flowers. Sad with the lack of blooms, the girl wants to cut it down, but as she starts, she hears something from the neighbor next door. When she goes next door she sees the most beautiful flowers coming from her vine, so all of her hard work had paid off even though she hadn’t noticed.

one paragraph story, Language Skills Abroad
by Angela Bradley-Autrey, Deer Park, Washington

I volunteer at a free café feeding homeless and hungry people. One day, a frail lady in her late 40s wearing many layers of clothing walked up and down the line of people waiting to be served, handing out little candy hearts. She sat at my table and told me her story: Once her children were grown, her husband had severely beaten her and cast her into the street. After she became homeless, she learned that he had given her AIDS. She knew she was dying, but gave out candy hearts to try and bring happiness into every person’s day.

Patriarchal Society and the Erasure of the Feminine Self in Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”
Rewrite the following “magmatic” text into a coherent series of paragraphs, reflecting the different ideas expressed

one paragraph story, Language Skills Abroad
Once a reader understands something as central as voice, they are ‘reading’ the story. They are no longer assessing whether to begin, but whether to keep going, and that decision is far more likely to go in the writer’s favor. This will be even more true if you can get the reader to engage with not just how the story is told, but what it will be about.
Setting: The apple reference is a cheeky allusion to culturally enshrined stories, whether it’s a Snow White reference or a biblical one, so the reader knows to expect something along the lines of a self-aware fairy tale (an impression supported by the character name.)