oss prefix

/.aliyun/config.json will be used.

  • profile – (Optional, Available in 0.12.8+) This is the Alibaba Cloud profile name as set in the shared credentials file. It can also be sourced from the ALICLOUD_PROFILE environment variable.
  • assume_role – (Optional, Available in 0.12.6+) If provided with a role ARN, will attempt to assume this role using the supplied credentials.
  • policy – (Optional) A more restrictive policy to apply to the temporary credentials. This gives you a way to further restrict the permissions for the resulting temporary security credentials. You cannot use this policy to grant permissions which exceed those of the role that is being assumed.

    oss prefix, Language Skills Abroad
    I used mixed prefixes from these prefix codes:
    Icpmcp wrote: I used mixed prefixes from these prefix codes:

    Relating to bone

    16. Osteometry : OSTEO metry (os te om’ e tri) n.

    In the ASN.1 definition above, the absolute reference for the
    is equivalent to:

    The Contents element contains the level-1 object: Object D. The CommonPrefixes element contains the level-1 directories: Directory A/ and Directory B/, but does not list the objects in these directories.
    In the preceding response: