Our Policies

Please read the following policies pertaining to Language Skills Abroad:

Payment System:

Students registering by mail or fax will submit payment for the deposit of $100 and payment for the balance of the program simultaneously UPON registration. The deposit is NON refundable unless the program requested cannot be confirmed. The balance, later, will be cashed if given in the form of a check, or processed if provided in the form of a credit card number upon confirmation of the program.

Confirmation is sent to the student in the form of an e mail. Most correspondance is done via e mail such as confirmations of program reservations, confirmation of payment processed, and information pertaining to the preperation of the program. The student is responsible to check his/her e mail to obtain this information. IF the student is unable to access his/her email, it is the student’s responsibility to contact Language Skills Abroad via telephone to organize another way to obtain the information in writing.

Online registrations will require a credit card to process the deposit of $100. By submitting the online registration form, the student allows only $100 to be processed on that credit card. Upon confirmation, the student will then need to provide payment for the balance of the program. If the student wishes to use the same credit card to pay for the balance, Language Skills Abroad will send, via email, an authorization form prompting the student or legal guardian to sign an authorization form giving Language Skills Abroad permission to process the credit card for the balance of the program.

Inaccurate Payment Sum:

If a check is provided for the balance of the program and is issued in a sum that is not correct, Language Skills Abroad will cash the check and send an e mail to the student informing him/her the balance that is due or will issue a check for the difference. If the student fails to provide payment for the remaining balance, the program is subject to cancellation and refunds will not be provided. Credit card provided to process the balance of the program will be processed in the accurate sum regardless of how much the student had calculated the sum would be. To ensure the correct balance is issued, students are encouraged to contact Language Skills Abroad to confirm the cost of the program via phone or e mail.


Under no circumstances is a refund provided for the $100 deposit other than if the program requested cannot be arranged. Upon cancellation, the student has one year to attend another program before forfeiting the deposit.

If, after the program has been confirmed, the student must cancel the program, a full refund will be provided for the cost of the program NOT including the $100 deposit under i) the condition that the program is cancelled by the Thursday prior to the class start date or accommodation start date of the program, whichever comes sooner. If the program is cancelled by the student AFTER Thursday at 3 pm mountain standard time, before the class start date or accommodation start date, the student is subject to a refund for the cost of the program NOT including the $100 deposit and NOT including the cost of the first week of classes and accommodations as well as any additional costs incurred in reserving the accommodations such as fees or deposits. ii) There are some schools who enforce a stricter cancellation policy. The student will be informed of the refund policy, pertaining to their school, if it is different than the policy stated above, upon confirmation or sooner upon request.


Language Skills Abroad does not charge any fees to the student except for the bank charge, which is the cost incurred to send wire transfer payment to each school. Please note, however, that individual schools may charge various fees for things like late payment, cancellation, change of program, and late registration. These are fees that are incurred by Language Skills Abroad from the school due to student actions which are beyond the control of either the school or Language Skills Abroad. Though not all schools charge these penalty fees, but if they are incurred, the student will be responsible for them. Please contact us if you have any questions in regards to the penalty fees (if any) charged by a particular school.


Specific requests regarding accommodations such as family size, location, smoking preferences, room sharing, bathroom sharing as well as any specific requests mentioned in the comments of the registration form will be reviewed and accommodated to the best of our ability but cannot be guaranteed. Accommodations must, at times, change prior to the arrival of the student and any requests that were originally expected to be fulfilled can change. Cancellations based on changes to accommodations that were made, or based on Language Skills Abroad’s inability to accommodate specific requests will not merit a refund of the deposit and are subject to penalty charges as per the refund policy.


Students are expected to behave appropriately at all times while at the school and at the accommodations. Any actions by the student that would provoke the school or the host family to discontinue service to the student are the sole burden of the student and/or the student’s legal guardians if the student is a minor. IF a student is asked to leave the program due to problems with behavior, a refund will NOT be provided.

Students are expected to exercise their best judgement in all action before, during, and after their stay in the foreign country (ie: at airports, excursions, etc). Niether the school nor Language Skills Abroad will be held responsible for any injury, theft, or mishap of any kind.

Traveling Abroad:

The student and or the student’s legal gaurdians are responsible to find out about and provide any documentation necessary to visit the country in which the program will be held.

It is the student’s responsibility to research a location before visiting to ensure that the culture and standard of living of that particular location will be suitable and compatible to the personality of the student. Student will not hold responsible the school nor Language Skills Abroad if he/she is dissatisfied with the location to which he/she has chosen to travel.