poetry about people

poetry about people, Language Skills Abroad
And now, he’s followed it up with Love Poems (for People with Children) which offers meditations on baby wipes, preschool artwork and sleep deprivation.
“3:32a.m. and I am sure the infant is taunting me”

This is the beginning of the poem, and it’s also my favorite part. It really struck me, and I think the main reason for that would be because of the ferocious and unabashed nature of her words. She unapologetically delivers a punch to the gut straight from the get-go, as if to say “let those scared be scared away.” There is also the striking aesthetic of the teardrop of words and (later) the big, big exclamation mark; I love the purposeful playing with the sizes and shapes.
Whereas the book I selected was Layli Long Soldier’s collection titled Whereas;

poetry about people, Language Skills Abroad
My creative partner Graham Carew and I were lucky. Poems have been available to us all our lives. My mom had Rod McKuen records when I was a kid. These weren’t poems I fell in love with (that started with E.E. Cummings), but they were poems, and they were in my house. Graham grew up in Ireland, blessed with a culture that appreciates and emphasizes broadly its poetic heritage.
The quiet lives That follow us— These lives we lead But do not own—

So rhyme can make sense and make fun. It helps us remember and—as advertisers hope—keeps us from forgetting. Rhymes can be profound—“womb” / “tomb”—or silly—“If called by a panther, / Don’t anther” (Ogden Nash).
As did the Republicans urging Dwight D. Eisenhower to run for president in 1952, hoping that i like ike would convince the General and voters alike.

Cathedrals—and Guernica and blue as well—are easier to name than they are to describe.
As image and word converge, the synthesis implicit in ut pictura poesis now seems more literal than metaphorical. Scholar Renate Brosch believes that the old model of ekphrasis as description “has been replaced by modes of rewriting the artwork,” or in other words, “writing seeing.”