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Speaking of epic events, many cultures had a story about a Great Flood that destroyed the Earth; the biblical version with Noah and his ark is the most famous of these. The time “before” that Great Flood is referred to as antediluvian, which can also refer to something which is very old or old-fashioned. It is hard to imagine a time that antedates, or is dated “before” that catastrophic event, especially the time right “before” it was to begin!
The word antebellum, which means “before” the war, usually refers to the time right “before” the start of the American Civil War. Soldiers did not know when or if they would die in this bloody conflict, so before battles many would engage in antemortem activities, or those things done “before” impending death. Some of these bloody battles would begin at dawn, or in the a.m., which is Latin for ante meridiem: “before” noon or midday.

prefix-ante, Language Skills Abroad
Anteroom is a room before another. Antedate is to proceed in time. Antecedent is the word preceding the pronoun to which the pronoun refers.
ANTE shouldn’t be confused with ANTI. Anti means against and ante means before.
Following is a list of words based on the Ante Root Word:

Ante- and anti- are prefixes. Though spelled and pronounced similarly, they have very different meanings. Learning the definitions of ante- and anti- is a good way to understand how to spell various words. We will look at the meaning of ante- and anti-, where these prefixes come from and some examples of their use in sentences.
The prefix anti- means against, opposed to, opposite of, counteracting. The prefix anti- is derived from the Greek word anti which means against, instead of, opposite of. Some examples of words using the prefix anti- are antibiotic which is a medicine that acts against microbes, antidote which is a medicine that acts against poison and antimatter which is a substance that is the opposite of matter. Anti- is a prefix that is often used to coin new, hyphenated words such as anti-elitist or anti-globalist.

Words are expressive, emotive, nuanced, subtle, erudite and discerning!
Unfortunately words are sometimes also elusive, deceptive, fleeting in memory.

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prefix-ante, Language Skills Abroad
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Learn how the prefix ante- is used in medical terminology. You may know that the prefix “anti-” is commonly used in medicine, but are you familiar with “ante-“, or its antonyms in medical terminology, “post-” and “retro-“? Expand your medical vocabulary in only one minute.