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Make sure that you have the following things ready before you register:

1. It is your responsibility to find out and obtain the necessary documentation if you are traveling abroad and are either a minor, a non US or Canadian citizen, or are traveling for longer than 90 days.

2. Make sure that you already have your documentation to leave the country. If you do not have a passport, it takes an average of 6-8 weeks to get one so make sure, if you do not have a passport, that your travel dates are no less than 6 weeks from now.

2. Make sure to have ready the total cost of your program: Some of the schools split up the cost of accommodations from the cost of the classes so you will need to add them up, while some put accommodations and classes together as packages. Please make sure that you are aware of the price of your program so that if you send a check, it is issued in the accurate amount or that if you issue a credit card number, that you are aware of how much will be charged. If you are not sure as to the total balance of your program, please feel free to contact us via telephone at +1-480-767-1789 or toll free 1-877-689-9970 or e mail at

… Are you ready to travel?

If you would like to register online, you can fill out our ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM. By doing this, you will need a credit card in order to process your deposit of $100. Once your program is confirmed, we will send you, via email, a confirmation letter and the bill for the remaining balance. If you wish to use the same credit card to process the balance, you must fill out an authorization form, which will be included along with your confirmation letter, and send or fax it to us with a signature.

Another way to register is to download 
our registration form by clicking on the link below and sending the form to us via regular mail if you would like to pay with a check or money order or you can fax it to us if you intend to use a credit card. Make sure to include your signature!