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samll stories, Language Skills Abroad
On hearing this, the neighbor threw a stone into the pit and said, “If that is the case, save the stone. It is as worthless as the gold you have lost”.
Two parrots built a nest in a banyan tree. They lived with their two young ones, which they took good care of. The mother and the father parrot went out to gather food in the morning and came back home by evening. One day, when their parents were away, the young parrots were taken by a cruel hunter.

samll stories, Language Skills Abroad
Once upon a time a daughter complained to her father that her life was miserable and that she didn’t know how she was going to make it.
When he told the same joke for the third time no one laughed anymore.

samll stories, Language Skills Abroad
The Father Anansi stories come from West Africa and this is a nice introduction to them. Hear about a shape-shifting tricky spider.
A grasshopper loves to play music while the ants work, work, work

samll stories, Language Skills Abroad
The collection of sci-fi includes several interesting science fictions.В Enjoy story of aliens attacking earth, what happened when a race landed on a planet after several hundred years of exile from galaxy, going in the past to know the murderer, science fiction for kids in which a robo-girl returning to earth after many years, story of doomsday, and many other such awesome fictions.
Funny short stories with lots of fun and humor along with few black comedies and real life funny incidents.В Read funny fiction when in a one-sided-love he wished to kiss his dream girl, funny true life incident of a middle class family catching train in midnight, a hilarious fiction when a man’s wish was granted to become God, funny experience of a doctor in a rural hospital, hilarious incident of neighbors try to get a sneak peek from someone’s family matter, and many other such tickling stories to bring smile at your face.

samll stories, Language Skills Abroad
These short stories in English include vocabulary help and some have vocabulary and comprehension quizzes.
The Chapel
3000 words (British English)
The background to this short story is the tropical island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. This is a story of quick lust and long revenge – with an ironical twist at the end. Comments

samll stories, Language Skills Abroad
Tante Adela finds an unusual creature in her baking oven: a skunk! How will she ever get it out?
Panchatantra Stories: A Hunter puts a net on the banyan tree. Can the doves escape? A story of Teamwork.

samll stories, Language Skills Abroad
Long, long before Phoebe Waller-Bridge caused a stir with Fleabag, Mary Gaitskill was dissecting the power dynamics of sex and relationships between men and women with her intense tone of voice. Bad Behaviour burns with longing and passion, from stories about ex partners haunting a city to a woman waiting for a date to show up while he watches her from across the street. These stories are uncomfortable, prescient and fascinating.
In 2017 Kristen Roupenian’s New Yorker short story ‘Cat Person’ went viral, sparking a debate about sexual power and consent in the midst of the rising #MeToo movement. Her follow-up collection of short stories strays beyond the boy-meets-girl premise into much darker territory. Whether it is the tale of a couple who terrorise a third party and eventually talk him into an unspeakable act, or a children’s game of hide and seek which ends in twisted horror, these tales make Roupenian’s breakout story look like child’s play.

samll stories, Language Skills Abroad
If a novel is a marriage, then a short story is a love affair. So said Lorrie Moore, one of the undisputed masters of the form. There’s an inherent intensity to really good short fiction, an every-word-matters fervor urging readers to a revelatory finish. Below are thirteen of our favorite short stories, from irrefutable classics by Jamaica Kincaid and Flannery O’Connor to newer additions to the pantheon—spanning crime, magical realism, and snackable tales you can devour on the beach. An added bonus? You can read these all online for free.
A la Angela Carter, Machado rips up the fabric of fairy tales to expose the horror within. In this terrifying tale from the Leonard Prize-winning collection Her Body and Other Parties, a newly-married wife holds on to the only secret she feels she has left—a mystery her increasingly insidious husband is desperate to unravel.

samll stories, Language Skills Abroad
Each Russian story can have more than just one usage, you can read it certainly, translating words, you can analyze it by grammar part, you can retell it checking how new Russian words and phrases are fixed for the moment, and of course, you can try to discuss some interesting passages with your friends or with your Russian teacher.
No matter whether you will read Russian stories with a teacher or by your own, you will always learn useful stuff in Russian.

samll stories, Language Skills Abroad
Janice goes to Chinatown with Grandma Liu!
Sam just can’t wait to see what’s in his secret Christmas present!