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short children’s story, Language Skills Abroad
Morals that most fables come with are timeless, although the stories may be ancient. So, here are a few modern short stories with the same morals for kids that the age-old fables came with.
“Buy?”, said the miser. “I never used the gold to buy anything. I was never going to spend it.”

short children’s story, Language Skills Abroad
Learn to read the ‘e’ sound in this fun free phonics reader.
Teju is afraid… until his mother shows him how to conquer his fears.

short children’s story, Language Skills Abroad
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When children watch a funny movie clip or cartoon, they never tend to recall the underlying story behind the clip. They take the amusing anecdote for granted, laugh and move on. But in the case of a story, the valuable lessons hidden inside these funny books are hard to miss.

short children’s story, Language Skills Abroad
The Guardians of Lore is a middle grade novel that centers around two life-long friends, infusing humor and fantasy-based riddles into a modern fairytale.
Cal and his best friend, the tactless but loyal Soy, learn that the frog (who prefers the name Deli) has sought them out for a reason. When a school administrator named Ream reveals himself to be a dragon, the boys discover that fairytales are real, and that there is magic afoot in Stagwood. With Ream on their tail, the trio must unearth a powerful tool protected by riddles and rile (the magic that fuels nightmares) to save the fate of all fairytales past. Their only means on conveyance, Cal’s now-flying bed, takes them on a journey beyond the home of the fairies (a cloud floating somewhere over Iceland) to set things right. But, before Cal can defeat Ream and his kidnapped army of fairies, he has to deal with Soy’s knack for arguing with magical creatures, discover the truth about Deli’s identity, and earn his place as the hero of the story.

short children’s story, Language Skills Abroad
The Journey of the Noble Gnarbleby Daniel ErricoIllustrated by Christian Colabelli – Deep below the ocean waves a gnarble fish dreams of seeing the sun and sky. Also available at Amazon in hardcover and Kindle editions.
Pirate’s Treasureby Carol MooreIllustrated by Aura Moser – A pirate in Jimmy’s dream tells him where to find buried treasure.

  • Fleshed out characters
  • Developed stories with a solid beginning, middle, and conclusion
  • Realized themes despite the short length
  1. Read often, and make sure that you do so in front of your children. This places them in an intellectual environment and shows the importance of reading.
  2. Share with your child a short story from your book. This makes them feel connected to you, especially if the short story is not strictly for an adult. Be sure that the story has no adult themes or any other elements that you might not wish for your little one to hear!
  3. Read your child’s short story books to them. Reading aloud to your child stimulates their mind, brings you together, and gets them involved in reading.
  4. Visit the library as a family. Bringing your children to the library is an awesome way to explore the various short story collections. It will also get them more excited about reading.

short children’s story, Language Skills Abroad
One day, a farmer was looking for a water source for his farm, when he bought a well from his neighbor. The neighbor, however, was cunning. The next day, as the farmer came to draw water from his well, the neighbor refused to let him take any water.
Short moral stories for kids are fantastic for teaching valuable life lessons in a fun way children can understand. Short stories work well as they’re just long enough for your child to concentrate.

short children’s story, Language Skills Abroad
The Classic Fairytale Story of Snow White with a Modern Twist: Who is the “fair”est of them all? Snow White of course!
The Classic Tale based off the Grimm’s Brother Fairytale “The Frog Prince”. When the Princess is forced to marry, she wishes to be little again. Can the frog in the well help her?

short children’s story, Language Skills Abroad
All our short stories for kids make wonderful bedtime stories or the perfect moral stories for the classroom to build character and teach Language Arts skills! Our short stories for kids are multi-cultural, kid-tested and all contain positive moral messages. So share a story with a child today and create a lesson that will last a lifetime.
Panchatantra Stories: A Hunter puts a net on the banyan tree. Can the doves escape? A story of Teamwork.

Once upon a time there were three pigs who decide to build their own houses, only to run afoul of a wolf with an insatiable love for des cГґtelettes de porc. Lots of helpful repetition and pork-related vocabulary in this story.
Our first ever original tale: A whale and a bird fall in love. Everything is perfect. But the world doesn’t stop turning just because a bird and a whale fall in love. Soon they need to fight to stay together. A story for adults as much as children.