short story to read before bed

Once upon a time in a far away place, far away from anything, there lived a man and a woman. His name was Johann and hers was Elise. Johann had white skin and Elise’s was brown. This didn’t matter in the beginning, but over time, it would, first in small ways, tiny little cracks, and then in ways they could no longer ignore. Johann first saw Elise in a smoke filled room, and decided he wanted her, wanted to know the taste of her brown skin, wanted to run his hands over the soft curves of her ample body. Elise didn’t believe him. She didn’t believe in fairy tales or herself or much of anything. Johann chased her and chased her and finally, she let him take her to dinner because she was hungry. Elise let him have a drink at her house because she was lonely. She let him touch her because she was another kind of hungry. She lay with him and enjoyed the meat of his body against hers, how his rough hands held her sweetly, how his lips brushed her shoulder. Johann brought her pleasure and she brought him pleasure and after, he lay next to her, breathing heavy. Elise thanked him. She told him to leave. He did so but vowed to return, ignoring her protests.
On the eve of her departure, Johann sat next to Elise on a wooden pier. They looked out on moonlit waters, their heads dizzy with wine. He said the most beautiful things she had ever heard a man say to a woman. He presented her with a ring, a beautiful diamond in the shape of a tear. He tried to slide the ring on her finger but it did not fit. Elise laughed, nervously, said it was a bad omen. Johann said they would fix the ring. He said it was just a detail, and details didn’t matter. He said, please, take this ring, please stay here, with me, in my kingdom. Elise looked at the beautiful ring and thought of how she had never shared how much she loved him. She thought about how he made her forget all the tragedies that had befallen her before he loved her. She tried to stop herself but she cried and felt her heart falling apart.

Bedtime stories are stories that are told after your child has gotten into bed for the evening. Many times they will ask for you to sit with them. This is an easy opportunity to offer to tell them a story. Young children especially love this because it is a treat for them and makes them feel truly important in that moment.
Reading a bedtime story to your children is a great way to connect with them. It brings the family closer in an intimate setting that also makes the child feel special. Memories are made as stories are told. Your child will look forward to you sitting with them before they drift off to sleep. This time together is something that they will always cherish. These precious moments benefit everyone involved, and you will find that you look forward to the bedtime stories almost as much, or more, than your little one.

short story to read before bed, Language Skills Abroad
A collection of narratives that are woven together lets you tie a knot in the end of your reading before bed while still following the thread from night to night. But I have a weakness for the form at any time of day; I never get tired of recommending old favorites and discovering new ones.
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short story to read before bed, Language Skills Abroad
Percy loves pulling faces… until one day the unthinkable happens!
Nobody can get into Mama Antelope’s house!

3 Billion Under 30: How Millennials Continue Redefining Success, Breaking Barriers, and Changing The World by Jared Kleinert – While your friends are binging on the newest Netflix shows before bed, you can get the ball rolling on your future multi-million dollar career by reading the 75 motivating stories inside 3 Billion Under 30. They’re written by some of the most successful millennials in the world, and who’s to say you can’t join them. Maybe the book will influence you to dream about your next business venture, who knows? All we know is that it’s top rated, and a great bedtime story for young professionals or anyone who wants to get an inside look at the mind of billionaires.
Facial expressions — Submerse yourself in the story, if the character is angry then scrunch your eyebrows and frown. If they’re happy, continue reading the story with a smile on your face.