sit vs seat

sit vs seat, Language Skills Abroad
a place in an elected legislative or other body
sit and travel on the back of animal, usually while controlling its motions;

sit vs seat, Language Skills Abroad
Explanation: The stadium has the capacity to accommodate 7,000 spectators.
Explanation: A lady is assuring her kid that she will help him sit next to his father. The kid can’t choose the seat himself and needs to help from his mom.

Sit down as a verb might mean:
“In what city is the circuit court sitting for this session.”

“You have to be a member to be seated at the meeting. Guests are welcome to sit in the visitors section.”
“She pulled the seat from under the table to allow him to sit down.”

sit vs seat, Language Skills Abroad
sit in for . Substitute for a regular member of a group, as in I’m just sitting in for Harold, who couldn’t make it .

  • sit at one’s feet
  • sit back
  • sit bolt upright
  • sit by
  • sit down
  • sit in
  • sit on
  • sit on one’s hands
  • sit out
  • sit pretty
  • sit through
  • sit tight
  • sit up
  • sit well with