small story for kid

small story for kid, Language Skills Abroad
On hearing this, the neighbor threw a stone into the pit and said, “If that is the case, save the stone. It is as worthless as the gold you have lost”.
Don’t condemn someone for not doing something that you yourself are unable to do.

small story for kid, Language Skills Abroad

  1. Panchatantra – This is an ancient collection of stories (originally in Sanskrit). The stories that form the Panchatantra always consist of animal characters and every story comes with a moral. Pancha means Five, and Tantra means principle, and true to its name, there is a learning in every story.
  2. Tenali Raman – Tenali Raman, was the legendary Telugu poet and advisor of the King Krishnadevaraya. All the stories involve the two characters, their adventures together and how cleverly Tenali Raman solves the trickiest of issues. It is a fun and educational read for every child and almost all stories come with a moral too.
  3. Akbar & Birbal – Birbal who was an advisor in the court of the Emperor Akbar, was known for his intellect, wit and sense of humour. In all the stories, Akbar places a problem in front of Birbal, and Birbal cleverly finds a solution. He wins hearts and admiration every day. Children can learn a lot about the Mughal dynasty and Indian rulers too, through these stories.

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  • Fleshed out characters
  • Developed stories with a solid beginning, middle, and conclusion
  • Realized themes despite the short length

A short story is a story that is not quite as long as a novel, or even a novella. The length is usually less than 20,000 words. On the low end of the spectrum a short story floats around 1,000 words.

small story for kid, Language Skills Abroad
He rushed to him and started to painstakingly remove each needle with love. Once the needles were out, the oldest brother apologized for treating his younger brother so badly. The magical tree saw the change in the older brother’s heart and gifted them with all the golden apples they could need.
She continued, “With more money, I will be able to buy a fancy dress and make all the other milkmaids jealous.” Out of excitement, Molly started skipping, forgetting about the milk in her pails. Soon, the milk started spilling over the edges, covering Molly.

small story for kid, Language Skills Abroad
NEW. A wife wants to know how to cure her changed husband. Will a tiger’s whisker help? A Korean Folktale
Bedtime Story for Kids: The Gift of the Magi, A Christmas Story. Della and Jim wish to give each other the perfect Christmas present, but how will they come up with the money?

small story for kid, Language Skills Abroad
Toot-Toot likes swimming in a bubbly pond… but why are there so many bubbles?
A story about a friendship between a fire-fighter and his dog during the Australian bushfires.

small story for kid, Language Skills Abroad
It’s going to be a candle-lit Christmas for Jake and his family, because the electricity is not working. How will they cook Christmas Dinner? Jake’s, best friend, a magical crow called Birdy has an idea.
A fiery, catty, fairy tale about a sweet girl who goes to live in a mansion once owned by a princess, and now owned by a commune of cats. The mysterious cat comrade Gatsby is in charge – but who is he really? And how will our heroine, Lizzie fair when she works for the cats?

small story for kid, Language Skills Abroad
The Loyal Mongoose which was killed by a woman Panchatantra Story
A herd of elephants looking for water pass through a deserted city, populated only by mice. The mice, afraid of being trampled by the large herd, request the elephants to take a different path, a request their leader graciously agrees. Years later, the mice hear of the elephants that the King’s hunters have captured for his army, and rush to help them. They gnaw at the ropes tying the elephants and set them free.

small story for kid, Language Skills Abroad
The Bitaba Birdby Carol MooreIllustrated by Michael S. Weber – A blending of imagination with a science lesson.
Wolstencroft The Bearby Karen LewisIllustrated by Michael S. Weber.

Little Red Riding Hood ignores her mother’s advice to “reste sur le chemin,” and meets a cunning cross-dressing wolf while chasing butterflies. Are you afraid of Le Grand MГ©chant Loup?
Our first ever original tale: A whale and a bird fall in love. Everything is perfect. But the world doesn’t stop turning just because a bird and a whale fall in love. Soon they need to fight to stay together. A story for adults as much as children.