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stories for teenagers, Language Skills Abroad
“On a ship there was a pair of couple, suddenly ship met with an accident and couple had to run to life boat. After reaching…
Once in a school, Girls started to leave kissing marks on mirror of restroom. Janitor was troubled by this because he had to clean them…

stories for teenagers, Language Skills Abroad
Me: “Uh, okay, we’re going to work on your phone manner, hon.”

stories for teenagers, Language Skills Abroad
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A mom, in a heated moment, slows down and prays over a situation with her teenage son.

stories for teenagers, Language Skills Abroad
Another criteria was brevity and the texts needed to be fairly short to be accessible, for example Louise Cooper’s short story Chain Reaction, a short story with a funny twist at the end (see also the corresponding BritLit kit).
The last stage involves follow up activities to round up and provide a sense of closure. This can provide an opportunity to link to the school syllabus or can support wider themes such as family/relationships, science or technology. We can use the story as a springboard to explore these themes.

As a kid, I was bullied to an extensive amount. At a young age, rocks were thrown at me, making cuts on my face and almost breaking my nose. The boy who did this took no fault in it. Later on, a year later a girl decided it would be funny to verbally bully me. Once I had enough I told my mom and she did something about it.
so it all started when i was in 5th grade i had these ¨friends¨ that were nice to me and they sat with me at lunch and everything and then one day everything changed one day i was walking to the table i normally sat at and they said i couldn’t sit with them i was annoying. when they said that my heart dropped and i had to go sit by myself.then everyday they would taunt me and bully me. i had nobody i felt like trash.then when i got into 6th grade it got worse. so the summer before 6th grade i said to myself i didn’t want to feel this way anymore so i decide to cut my hair and change my style so that way i would give off an intimidating look and nobody would mess with me but that didn’t help. so then i just couldn’t take it anymore and got really bad i was depressed for a very long time. and eventually started doing self harm.nobody cared. so then i went into 7th grade it got a little better but still didn’t stop the same people the same things. then 8th grade came which i’m in right now. and i still get bullied people call me names and go ¨boom¨ boom¨ when ever i walk and my friend is always making fat jokes about me when i told her i didn’t like it. so i am not depressed anymore but i know i have really bad issues but i’m getting over the issues and i’m still getting bullied but i’m better. it does get better and if you report them you’re not a snitch just know someone out there cares about you i promise.

Wisdom is better than wealth Not rated yet
once upon a time there lived a king. The king has only his one son Vijay. Vijay was very proud of his fathers wealth. On in the other way there is …
Peter’s ghost dog
Once upon a time, There was a little guy called peter.he was very alone in his own several,he asked his father ‘i need a pet for my birthday’then …

stories for teenagers, Language Skills Abroad
I was brought up in a really strict Catholic family. It was just expected that we would go to church every Sunday and that we would “uphold the Catholic faith” as my parents put it. I never bothered to rebel against religion like many of my friends did. For some reason I couldn’t quite subject myself to my parent’s disappointment.
My parents and I never really saw eye to eye about anything. When I was younger it was just the simple stuff – the length of my skirt, how I chose to wear my hair or the movies I wanted to watch. But as I got older I found that there was a lot more that we didn’t agree on – my choice of friends, what I wanted to study at uni, political issues or how I chose to spend my weekends.

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Story #2: A Baby’s Cry
Rachel – She is determined to go to the prom and won’t let anything get in her way, not even a baby.
Find out what happens to these six teenagers in these amazing short stories.

stories for teenagers, Language Skills Abroad
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