stories with morals

stories with morals, Language Skills Abroad
One should help others in need, we get the rewards of our helpful acts in return.
Vijay thought for a second. He’d heard animals don’t prefer dead bodies, so he fell to the ground and held his breath. The bear sniffed him and thought he was dead. So, it went on its way.

stories with morals, Language Skills Abroad
Don’t condemn someone for not doing something that you yourself are unable to do.
A farmer looking for a source of water for his farm bought a well from his neighbor. The neighbor was cunning, though, and refused to let the farmer take water from the well. On asking why, he replied, “I sold the well to you, not the water”, and walked away. The distraught farmer didn’t know what to do. So he went to Birbal, a clever man and one of the nine courtiers of Emperor Akbar, for a solution.

stories with morals, Language Skills Abroad
Moral: Family — where life begins and Love never ends.
How many times have you gone out of your way to help someone in need?

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stories with morals, Language Skills Abroad
“Don’t scream wolf, boy,” warned the villagers, “when there is no wolf!” They angrily went back down the hill.
“Oh, my goodness! What happened to you?” Molly’s mother asked.