Overview of our French Language Immersion Programs


The French immersion programs offered through Language Skills Abroad are intended to enable the student to study French abroad and learn French as rapidly as possible. Each French language school abroad provides the opportunity to participate in small classes, take private lessons, or both.

The classrooms use the communicative approach for learning French. Students focus on improving their conversational skills from the first day of class. Complete beginners start by covering simple, basic topics such as learning how to identify


themselves, explain where they are from… etc. As a student becomes more proficient, in their French courses abroad, more extensive topics, such as economics and politics will be covered in the French language classes. While exploring new topics, students learn vocabulary and grammar at a faster rate. Within a short time, the student will find him/herself able to effectively converse in French!

Effectiveness of a French immersion program


During the course of the French language immersion program, the learning doesn’t just stop once class is over. It is best to study French abroad because while living in a country where French is the common language, you will constantly practice what you learned in class. Those who study French abroad are constantly practicing. Just running a simple errand such as ordering a meal means having to use French gives the needed practice to study French abroad. Though this may originally be quite challenging, within just a short period of time, you will obtain the language skills that will help you to communicate fluently in French.

How your French Language Skills improve?


How does one learn French abroad? When studying at a French language school abroad, you are studying all day, each day! Practice makes perfect. When participating in a French language school abroad there is plenty of time as well as numerous opportunities for practicing and improving your French language skills.

Reasons to stay with a host family during your study abroad experience


French language immersion programs are particularly effective because they provide the opportunity to live with a host family (though other accommodation options are available as well). Our host families, and apartments, have all been inspected and approved by the respective French language school abroad. Staying with a host family allows the opportunity to practice the French lessons learned in class in a very natural family environment.

· Host families in our language immersion programs are middle class by local standards.

· Each student participating in the French language immersion program will have a private room and study area.

· Many of our French language immersion programs provide laundry service.

· Depending on the program, students can get 1, 2, or 3 meals each day.

· Many host families as well as many of the other accommodation types are located within walkable distance or a bus ride to the French language school. Sometimes, depending on the season and availability, the distance between the school and accommodation is farther. Our students are provided with a key to the accommodation in which they are staying and are free to come and go as they please.

Where are French courses abroad offered?

Study Italian abroad.

French courses abroad are offered throughout France.

Students can study French abroad for as many weeks as they


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about the French immersion programs in each French city.

We look forward to helping you in your endeavors to study French