Studying German in Germany

Germany, one of the most interesting destinations to visit for its history and culture, is both modern and antique. Its tumultuous history, pristine nature reserves, and depth of cultural attractions provide visitors the opportunity to expose themselves to a very modern culture with a very interesting past.

Germany has had an influential impact on history. Between Charlemagne’s influence on religion and education, Otto von Bismarck’s German Reich, Nazism during WWII, as well as the rise and collapse of the Berlin Wall, Germany has contributed to the molding of Europe’s culture and politics.

Germany is known for its very modern and cosmopolitan cities, which offer tourists and locals alike a multitude of pubs and bars, restaurants, cafés, discos, museums, and cultural landmarks to visit.  Simultaneously, however, in the country’s many castles and palaces, visitors can explore the beautiful landscaping of the parks around which these castles and palaces are surrounded and escape into the surreal world of royalty and chivalry.

In addition to its cosmopolitan cities, Germany is also well known for its beautiful towns where architecture has changed little, if at all, since the medieval times. There are castles and palaces built on cobblestone roads and forests with old tales to learn about and new theme parks to experience.

Germany has the diversity to include big-city charm, picturesque towns, well known harvest festivals, a depth of culture and art, and the lasting delight of large regions of forest with charming castles while beer and fine wine are all there to contribute to your enjoyment. Whether you are a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, a person who wishes to indulge in a rich culture with a lot of old traditions as well as newer ones, or a sociologist at heart who wants to explore a progressively liberal culture,  Germany is a great place from which to learn about  a whole new world.

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