Studying Italian Abroad in Language School in Italy

Having acquired many years of experience and expertise in teaching Italian in Italy, The Italian Language School in Siena has earned its place as a member of the ASILS (Associaton of language schools of Italian as a second foreign language). Teachers are professionals who have studied at the university level and have been specially trained to teach Italian to foreigners.


The Italian Language School in Siena, Italy

Location: The Italian language school in Siena is located three minutes’ walk from Piazza del Campo in the historical centre of Siena.

School Size: The maximum capacity of the Italian Language School in Siena allows for as many as 100 students.

Class size: The maximum class size is 12 students.

Timing: Peak season is summer (July through September) so register early if you intend to study in Siena at that time.

Start dates: Jan 2, 16, 30, Feb 13, 27, Mar 13, 27, Apr 3, 10, 24, May 8, 22, Jun 5, 19, Jul 3, 17, 31, Aug 14, 28, Sep 11, 25, Oct 9, 23, Nov 6, 20, Dec 4 of 2006.

Holidays: Jan 6, April 17, Jun 2, 29, Aug 15, Nov 1, Dec 8 in 2006.

Duration: Classes run year round and begin on Monday. They run in weekly increments with a minimum being 2 weeks.

Minimum age: 17

Content: Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci uses the Direct Method: from the first day on, at all levels, only Italian will be spoken. The spoken language is the most important part of the program and continually promotes the use of verbal communication allowing the student to learn Italian ‘naturally’, to combine theory and practice smoothly, and to increase knowledge of the language quickly and with confidence. Students are encouraged to practice spoken Italian in real-life situations, with the teacher, and with other participants, in pairs and groups. In advanced courses the written language will also be promoted.

Excursions/Activities: Every month Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci distributes its own calendar of cultural activities. In this way participants will always be well informed concerning exhibitions, concerts, films and other events. For the weekends, special leaflets for individual trips are handed out to students. All students receive a written guide indicating active and passive sporting activities and the secretarys office can also help with the organization of sporting activities. The student is responsible to pay for any entrance fees and transportation costs during any excursion or activity.

Additional programs: Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci offers a large variety of additional programs to compliment the standard language programs. There is a course dedicated to the history or Italian art, Italian cuisine, and Italian Wines which meet about several hours per week, depending on the course.

The following is a list of programs available at Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci in the form of a 2 private lessons per day; Business correspondence, Business Italian, Italian for banking business, Italian for Law, Italian for Healthcare, Italian for the Hotel Industry, The Language of Wine and Food, The Language of Tourism, Italian for Flight Attendants, Medical Studies, Architectural Studies, The Language of Fashion, The Language of Architecture, Italian Cinema, Italian Literature, The Language of Opera, The History and Language of Theatre. Please contact us for more information about these programs.
Accommodations: Students have the option to stay with an Italian host family, share an apartment with other students or even locals, or students can opt to rent a private apartment. Please click here for more information about accommodations.

Child Care: Child care is not provided by Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci. However, the school can help by recommending child care providers upon arrival. Please note that it is not recommended that students with children stay in a host family or shared apartment while attending Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci. It would be best for students with children to rent a private apartment or a hotel.

Books: basic text and exercise books have been developed by the school. These books are used in conjunction with authentic teaching materials such as newspaper and magazine articles, audiovisual materials, and activities inside the classroom.
Homework: Homework is given each day to reiterate what was taught in the class room. Homework usually takes about 1 hour to complete.

School Features: Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci in Siena offers a Lounge with coffee and tea machine, a
spacious and sunny terrace that students can use, free videotheque, books, cassettes and CDs, as well as a study room with cable TV. All Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci campuses are handicapped accessible.

College Credit: College credit for Italian 101 and 102 are issued by Edgewood College in Wisconsin. Those interested in obtaining academic credit from Edgewood College to be transferred to their university should first contact their registrar to confirm that academic credit from Edgewood College is transferable. If it is, please download and fill out the form below and send in with registration form. Any questions about obtaining academic credit can be directed to Ellen Fehring, Registrar of Edgewood College. Please feel free to contact her at:

Edgewood College
1000 Edgewood College Drive
Madison, WI 53711
Fax: (608) 663.3291
Tel.: (608) 663.2202

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