Studying Italian Abroad in Rome

Rome, Italy

Rome, located about 20 km inland off of Italy’s western coast, is an enormous city filled with history and art.

Not the typical European town, Rome has been developing and evolving for over 2,700 years. This city has continuously undergone construction of urban layouts, churches, piazzas, fountains, and monuments, all meticulously planned. During each era, the people of Rome created new masterpieces each piece reflecting that era of history.

Consequently, Rome’s center is somewhat of a large maze. This stems from Rome’s history of having different centers. Any part of the city center, there are art pieces right near churches, which are built over ancient monuments in charming squares that include beautiful fountains along with interesting buildings and museums so that ultimately wherever in the center you go, you will be surrounded by a maze of art and history.

A rather noisy city, Rome has a hectic vibrancy with chaotic traffic, squares filled with cafes and restaurants everywhere with many people, the tinkling and roaring of water fountains, and all the movement of a modern metropolis.

Rome offers tourists the opportunity to visit Etruscan tombs, historical churches, Republican meeting rooms, Renaissance palaces, the Vatican, Baroque basilicas, the Vatican, as well as a multitude of artifacts left behind by the Roman Empire. Rome’s sense of history, art, and architecture, as well as its busy environment makes this city a great place to visit and immerse oneself in the culture while studying Italian.

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