Studying Russian in Moscow

Moscow has been a symbol of the political and spiritual culture for Russia for over 850 years. It reflects Russia’s changes in style, political, economic, and spiritual sentiment so any changes that Russia experiences run through Moscow first. Unlike most parts of the country, it is in Moscow that one can find ancient monasteries along side new and modern sculptures and buildings. Beautiful churches that had at one time been vandalized and abandoned during Russia’s era of atheism are now being fondly restored.

Moscow is located centrally in Russia. Just east of Moscow are the Ural mountains which act as a border between Asia and Europe. Also east of this great city is the famous Volga River, the historic highway of which many songs, poems, and stories are told.

The Kremlin, Moscow’s heart and soul, is located in the center of the city. The Red Square, adjacent to the Kremlin, is a beautiful square which includes the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral. Another great place to visit just North of the cathedral is Lobnoye Mesto, or “Place of Skulls,” a circular raised platform on which public executions were carried out in the days of the tsars. It is from this central area that Moscow extends into four distinctive sections of development, each with unique and beautiful monasteries, elegant buildings, and museums. Throughout Moscow, there are numerous impromptu street markets in addition to the large department stores, and delicious restaurants. For those curious about nightlife, Moscow offers a riveting selection of bars and nightclubs.

Those who wish to learn Russian in a dynamic city of change and newness while still having the luxury of learning about a history and culture which dates back through many political and economic times, Moscow is a great city to go to.

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