Studying Spanish in Argentina 

Argentina is rich with culture, history, natural beauty and warm hospitality. For many travelers, the primary attractions of the country are not only gauchos and tango, but also the country’s natural wonders. We invite you to get a taste of the true and varied self of Argentina, from deserts rich with Indian culture to glaciers, from the powerful Iguazu Falls to wine regions, from the birthplace of the southern Franca whale to the fertile Pampas. Due to the sparse population, Argentine land still possesses untouched natural beauty.

Argentina borders Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay, and is the eighth largest country in the world, second only to Brazil in terms of size and population in South America. The population mix of Argentina is very different from the rest of Latin America as it is mostly European. However, you can still experience “traditional life” in the Northern provincesof Salta and Jujuy. These provinces resemble the Andean nations of Boliviaand Peru and differ culturally from that of the Pampas. Archaeological sites, volcanoes, small Indian villages, and nature reserves can be found in this area.

Argentina’s cultural roots are mainly European and that is clearly reflected in its architecture, music, literature and lifestyle. There is an intense cultural activity in Argentina, and it is reflected in festivities, exhibitions, cinema and theatre festivals, and concerts that take place in the main cities. The typical Argentine meals are asado, empanadas, humita, locro, etc. However, due to the important migrating current that populated the country, there exists a varied international cuisine: Spanish, Italian, French, German, Scandinavian, Greek, English, Swedish, Mexican, Basque, Jewish, and Arabian. Also, the quality of its wines and meats is worldly known and the new Argentine cuisine has reached an international level.

Culture, natural beauty, cuisine… Argentina has something to offer you at every corner of the country!

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