Studying Spanish in Ecuador

Ecuador offers beautiful volcanic landscapes along side thick rainforests, a variety of indigenous cultures, and antique but preserved colonial architecture.
Only a days drive from Quito, visitors have the option to visit the Amazonian jungle, an active volcano, or a tropical beach.

Many visitors, while in Ecuador, can opt to take a short trip to the Galápagos Islands. A territory of Ecuador since 1832, the Galapagos islands are considered a great gift of natural history. The islands offer ecologists and visitors alike, the opportunity to view the diversity of animal and plant life. These islands are ideal for those who enjoy scuba diving.

Ecuador’s weather is warm year round. There are many beaches where people go swimming such as the San Vicente, Atacames, Bahía de Manta, Salinas and Playas, and Bahía de Caráquez.

South of Quito, are two mountain ranges which offer some of Ecuadors most beautiful scenery. The valley between the two parallel mountains is where half of Ecuador’s population resides. Not only do the locals live in this beautiful area, one can find various Indian villages scattered throughout, offering the visitor a chance to see the past since the lifestyles, customs, and dress have barely changed over the centuries.

Market days take place in the various towns and allow one to buy anything, from dairy products to woolen handicrafts.
Ecuador is an amazing country to study Spanish. It offers those who enjoy physical activity and nature the chance to enjoy all that nature can possibly offer whether it be hiking, biking, swimming, or bird watching in the jungles, meanwhile exuberating a rich Latin culture with its unique indigenous influence.

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