Studying Spanish in Mexico

Mexico is a large country with each region offering its own history, culture, and climate. Mexico is known for its unique music and art that is inspired by its rich history.

Alot of Mexican art and architecture is similar to that of old Europe since Mexico had originated from Spain. But then, after the revolution of 1910, well-known artist such as Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco and others painted unique murals and other works that combined the styles of the Old World and that of the indigenous cultures.

No other country has as much of a diverse musical style as does Mexico. Of all the music in México, perhaps the most well-known is “mariachi.”, originally form the state of Jalisco.

In Southern México, the music centres around the “marimba”, which has a tropical feel to it. Meanwhile, in the Northern and Central part of Mexico one is likely to hear the Corridos, a kind of ballad that recounts stories and legends, originally from Spain but very popularly performed in Mexico.
To accompany the large variety of Mexican music, There is an incredible variety of traditional dances. One of the most well known is the “Viejitos” (“Dance of the Little Old Men”) from Michoacán. Another is the “huapango”, a dance from Veracruz performed on a wooden platform that acts as a sort of drum for the dancers’ feet. And of course, there’s the “Jarabe Tapatio”, the Mexican hat dance, which is considered the national dance. There is a history behind this famous dance. Around 1930, Anna Pavlova, the great Russian Ballerina, visited Mexico, fell in love with the culture and the spectacular costumes, and decided to include the (Now known as) “Mexican Hat Dance” in her permanent repertoire. The ecstatic Mexican cultural authorities felt that such honor could only mean that the hat dance was indeed the most important dance in Mexico. This courting dance became so popular that at one point it was declared “National Folk dance” of Mexico. This courting dance became so popular that at one point it was declared “National Folk dance” of Mexico.

Mexico’s rich history provides so many interesting sites, stories, and traditions. But in addition to the rich history and culture associated with Mexico, there are many places that are great to visit for their climate and fun activities directed at attracting tourism such as the beautiful beaches of La Paz and Rosarito, just a 10 minute drive north of Ensenada.

Mexico is well known for its beautiful vacation spots by the water which attract boat lovers, sufers, whale watchers, and scuba divers.

Whether you would like to take a vacation and learn Spanish, or learn Spanish during your vacation, there is a language school in a city just right for you in Mexico!

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