Studying Spanish in Miami

The part of Miami, in which CEVES language school is located, is Little Havana.

There are 10 square blocks comprising Little Havana, the political center for Miami’s fervently political Cuban population. This part of town entices the visitor tackling all the senses. Not famous for its subtlety, Little Havana’s sights, smells, and sounds of the colorful, busy, and aromatic streets, will rattle the visitor.

Little Havana all started in the mid 1960s when Miami’s Cuban immigrants began to transform the area around SW 8th street to resemble home; Murals, decorations and signs with references to national heroes from back home were added. In addition, landscape such as certain trees like the Anon, Guava, or Caimito were planted. Religious trappings became more common as did rocking chairs placed in their extended porches as the people decorated their homes and yards with something to remind them of home.

Business areas transformed to resemble the business districts of Cuba; Buildings now included tiled roofs and bright signs painted directly onto the wall. Meanwhile, open air markets sold vegetables and tropical fruit in bins on the sidewalks. In addition, small restaurants and cafes with patios facing the street, were developed to give the locals and visitors alike, the chance to experience food and coffee Cuban style.

Today, Calle Ocho, also known as 8th Street, is the main artery that runs through little Havana. This is where the big buildings stand near the little businesses, where all the signs are in Spanish, and the culture is most visible as that of its Cuban roots.

What was once a typical American city, now is a wealth of Cuban culture. Little Havana has the best of Cuba combined with the ideals of the US. The people are friendly and the food, nightlife, and cultural offerings of Little Havana are numerous and diverse. This part of Miami is great to study Spanish for those who want to study in a true immersion experience, learn about a different culture and expose themselves to Spanish full time, while being within just a short drive of the English speaking part of the city… and all right near the beach to boot!


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