Studying Spanish in Peru

Peru offers you the opportunity to see its many past civilizations as you walk around colonial cities with their preserved heritage of the Spanish conquistadors, or while you go to the ancient Incan civilization in Cuzco and explore the long lost city of Machu Picchu, you will see and learn about Peru’s layers of history.

During the dry season between May and September, some popular activities include Trekking and mountaineering in places like the Andes, hiking the Inca Trail, or white water rafting in the Rio Urubamba. Other activities include discovering the Sacred Valley of the Incas and running along the river Vilcanota, one of the most beautiful archaeological spot’s in Peru.

Peru has been influenced by many cultures such as the Moche, Wari, Chavin, Inca, and the Spanish conquest. As you view the amazing sites of Peru, you will see their effect on all aspects of Peruvian society.

For instance, the style of architecture in Peru is referred to as Mestizo. It stems from the time when Spaniards colonized in Peru and with their urban planning, redesigned the buildings and cities to resemble the Spanish Renaissance architecture and city layout. However, over time, the native influences of Peru’s cultures became more evident leading to this new breed of art and architecture. Prior to the Spaniard’s arrival, Peru’s art consisted of fine pottery, stone craft, metalwork, and textiles. These kinds of styles of art are still found throughout Peru.

There is a lot to do in Peru for those who appreciate the down to earth pleasures of indigenous markets, and lessons about ancient civilizations. Whether you would like to travel to the Andes mountains and pristine Amazon rain forests, or explore the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu, the most important archaeological find in South America, or if you like the simple pleasures of visiting the indigenous towns and markets of the Quechua Indians in Cusco, and the Urubamba Valley, Peru offers inspiration from every angle.

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