Studying Spanish in Spain

About Spain

Spain offers visitors an exotic feel that few European countries can do. This comes from the different regions and their rich and unique offerings in art, history, and culture. A part of Europe, but right above Africa, Spain is a meeting point between east and west; The diverse cultures and civilizations that found Spain to be an irresistible location in which to settle, left behind a unique and original culture. There is so much to relish in various parts of Spain for instance museums such as the Prado, historic sights such the Alhambra, walking and outdoor experiences in major squares, a pleasant climate, beaches which bring millions of visitors every summer, and its efficient transportation system that can take you to all these great places throughout the country.

The geographical and the climatic variations in Spain’s regions are as diverse as the country’s cultural heritage. The Northern regions of Spain in the basque country are green and humid and offer a more European feel with a culture influenced by the rest of Europe above it; The Catalonian region has a unique culture of its own, most markedly of Mediterranean background, and is notable in several aspects; Its language, Catalonian (although everybody speaks and understands Castilian Spanish perfectly) is one such example. However, it is also marked by its very cosmopolitan feel due to its long history of international commerce. Meanwhile Southern Spain, the region known as Andalucia , is dry and hot, characterized by its most recognized traditions of flamenco and bullfighting as well as its Moorish influence. The Canary Islands offer near-perfect climate all year round and consist of 7 islands all with different landscapes and offerings.

Indulge in the country’s varying social activities, ranging from a relaxing stroll through the streets and main squares, to taking a siesta, to dancing at some of the infamous nightclubs. A shopper’s dream, Spain offers quality merchandise at reasonable prices, such as the renowned Spanish leather, especially suede jackets and coats. From the warm hospitality of the Spaniards to the country’s natural beauty and amazing historically cultural diveristy, Spain continues to enchant visitors each year.

Spain is a great country to visit as every option that can be offered in terms of history, art, culture, and outdoor activities are all available within a mere bus or train ride.

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