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teens short story, Language Skills Abroad
Once in a city lived a very successful businessman. His only son who was still a young boy was lazy and fun loving. His son…
A young man pampered by his rich dad always, was going to graduate next week. Few weeks before he saw a very beautiful sports car…

A man ruined by the Depression makes one final grasp at the life he once led.
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teens short story, Language Skills Abroad
The air there was almost gray with smoke, but the people there had evolved to tolerate it. Their noses were hairy and their chests were huge.
Short and Super Short Stories for Teens is a medley of romance, science-fiction, humour, social issues, fantasy, suspense, and fun. It’s a diverse collection of stories to satisfy the many complex hues of teenage emotion.

teens short story, Language Skills Abroad
Poetry is also included with texts from a variety of poets. For example, the popular poem Orange Juice by Michael Rosen is an easy-to-read poem and provides humorous language practice at a lower level, and could even be used as a model for students to create their own poetry (see also the corresponding BritLit kit).
For example, you could provide the essential pre-reading stage in class to set the context for the story and then ask students to read the story as homework independently. In the next lesson back at school follow-up activities could be tackled in small groups or project work could be undertaken. They can share their views and opinions about the themes in the story.

As I said before, being a teenager isn’t all happy and fun. Most of the time, you’re living an extreme nightmare. Adults place higher expectations on you as you get older. The peer pressure starts to kick in, along with backstabbing. As you start to gain friends, you lose friends as well. The mood swings come and go. To make matters worse, you receive more homework. That’s a nightmare!
When it was my thirteenth birthday, I was overjoyed that the moment has come for me to become a teenager. I would be given more responsibility and freedom. My writing skills would strengthen and become more sharp. To me, the experience of being a teenager thrilled me. I was so focused on the pleasures teenhood, that I almost ignored my sister’s warning. I didn’t understand at first, but realized later what she meant. I (and I think many others) realized that teenage life has as many sweets as it does sours.

Interest level: 14+
Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The Open Boat Not rated yet
When he came to the surface he was conscious of little but the noisy water. Afterward he saw his companions in the sea. The oiler was ahead in the …
Peter’s ghost dog
Once upon a time, There was a little guy called peter.he was very alone in his own room.at several times.so,he asked his father ‘i need a pet for my birthday’then …

teens short story, Language Skills Abroad
It was Dasha`s 15th birthday. She didn’t expect us, but her mother was in business. She helped us organize this day. Dasha did not guess anything.
The next day evening, the police said that the people who survived will sent to the 2nd Earth. The planet called N-0507.

Classic Free Stories
We have included a great selection of Classic Free Storys from the books of famous authors such as the great Edgar Allen Poe, Anton Chekhov and the celebrated Charles Dickens. Great tales from these authors such as The Raven, The Pit and the Pendulum;, The Masque of the Red Death, The House of Usher and The Black Cat – a selection of the best scary, horror yarns from Edgar Allen Poe. This famous author is the King of suspense and can spin a great Ghost or Horror yarn! Detective Tales such as Hunted Down and a whole host of Christmas Stories by Charles Dickens, including A Christmas Tree, Christmas at Fezziwig’s Warehouse, Tiny Tim and A Christmas Carol.
Forget the TV – Relax with some great, free short stories!

teens short story, Language Skills Abroad
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