what is a story with a moral called

The moral to a story is a universal aspect of the majority of fictional literature that it not only entertains, but also it serves the purpose of instruction, information, and improvement of the audiences. The chorus in the classical drama, for example, commented upon the proceedings and drew out a message for the audience. The novels of Charles Dickens, on the other hand, address the drawbacks of the social and economic system of Victorian Britain, carrying morals of their own type, which are implicit.
Mostly, Aesop’s fables are considered to have strong moral conclusions. However, almost all literary writings have some morals to be conveyed to readers. Literary works aimed at children are replete with moral lessons. They provide children with positive lessons and guidelines for the future. Maxims like “Be friends with whom you don’t like,” “Don’t judge people by the way they look,” and “Slow and steady wins the race” are normally the lessons found behind many stories.

informal a book, film, or play about something shocking
a film or TV show that deals with love in a light-hearted way

For example, many stories and films have a moral lesson that crime does not pay. This lets readers and viewers know that engaging in a life of crime and dishonesty would lead to disastrous endings. The audience watches the film or reads the story and takes a valuable lesson from it.
A great deal of stories – especially children’s stories have moral lessons for their audiences.

what is a story with a moral called, Language Skills Abroad
Tragicomedy: A literary work that contains elements of both comedy and tragedy.
Realistic Fiction: A story that portrays characters and events asthey are.

what is a story with a moral called, Language Skills Abroad

What is the word for stories/movies/poems that provide a moral lesson.

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