winter vocabulary words

winter vocabulary words, Language Skills Abroad
He tied a scarf around his neck.
There’s a log fire in my kitchen.

winter vocabulary words, Language Skills Abroad
Share a comment: What are five of your favorite or most descriptive winter words? Or, What new winter words would you like to add to this word bank?
Categories. Here’s a fun pre-writing activity! Copy the list of winter words to a Word document or Notepad. Then have your child copy/paste words into different categories. Alternatively, she can write the words by hand, crossing them off the list as she transfers them to her paper.

winter vocabulary words, Language Skills Abroad
To keep your feet warm, you can wear slippers – this is a special type of comfortable shoe made specifically for relaxing around the house. The word fuzzy means soft and full of hair:
Some houses have a fireplace – a designated place to make a fire and let it burn safely. The smoke from the fire goes up and exits the house through the chimney. The word blazing means the fire is active and energetic.

General Ice Thickness Guidelines For New, Clear Ice
source Maureen Breitbach, National Weather Service, MN Dept. of National Resources
* 2 inches or less: Stay off!
* 4 inches: Walking, skating, ice fishing
* 5 inches: ATV or snowmobile
* 8-12 inches: Car or small pickup
* 12-15 inches: Medium truck
Winter Lesson Plans and discussion questions:
1. Give examples of the technology that meteorologists use to track weather conditions.
2. Discuss winter weather in different places
3. Research the meaning of terms such as blizzards, blowing snow, flurries, snow squalls etc.

winter vocabulary words, Language Skills Abroad
Baby, it’s cold outside.
Have you noticed that?

More than just a “cold snap” (= brief period of cold weather) this winter is breaking all the records. More than two metres of snow has fallen in some places. Lakes (and even parts of the sea) have frozen over, and icicles (= long piece of frozen water) hang from roofs and windows.
Gloves: either leather (= made of animal skin) or woollen mittens (= warm gloves made of wool or fur-lined, often worn by children for playing in the snow) protect your hands and fingers.

winter vocabulary words, Language Skills Abroad
A severe snowstorm which combines falling snow with strong winds, making it very difficult to see and dangerous to drive. A ground blizzard on the other hand, is snow that has already fallen and is lifted and blown around by strong winds.
Gloves and mittens are for keeping your hands warm in winter. Gloves have a separate space for each finger, whereas mittens have two sections, one for all 4 fingers and another for the thumb.

winter vocabulary words, Language Skills Abroad
Poem or story written-word exercise: Have students draw three or more of the words to incorporate into a poem or story. You can assign these to be turned in or shared with the class. Poems may be rhyming or not or in the form of a limerick or haiku. You can ask for a minimum word count for written story assignments.
Impromptu speech exercise: Have students draw one to five words to incorporate into an impromptu speech to give to the class. Have them draw words and immediately begin a speech, or give them a few minutes to prepare.

winter vocabulary words, Language Skills Abroad
Yes, there is a special way to make German letters on the American keyboard. On the right of your keyboard, use the numbers as follows: Hold down on the ALT at the same time as you hold down on the numbers.
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winter vocabulary words, Language Skills Abroad
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