word with the root cred

word with the root cred, Language Skills Abroad
“Believe” it or not, incredible as it may seem, incredulous as you may now be, this podcast on the root word cred is now over … and you can “believe” that!
The Latin root word cred means “believe.” This podcast will up your credentials when it comes to understanding words with the root word cred in them—“believe” it!

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The ROOT-WORD is CRED which means BELIEVE . It is easy to see that our ROOT-WORD ring is filling up. Many of the words on the list are made with review ROOT-WORDS. That is proof that the vocabulary is growing richer and that you know, at sight, the meanings of new words.
A set of opinions; a creed

word with the root cred, Language Skills Abroad
02.06 Focus on the Introduction Assignment Re-do
Lesson 04.07, Dig Into Poetry

Through months of bittersweet labor, we finally have assembled words together by context. A novel way to search for new and elusive words. Hope they help you!
Unfortunately words are sometimes also elusive, deceptive, fleeting in memory.