words with the prefix over

words with the prefix over, Language Skills Abroad
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words with the prefix over, Language Skills Abroad
What’s the Difference Between “Afflict” vs. “Inflict”?
What’s The Difference Between Socialism vs. Communism?

words with the prefix over, Language Skills Abroad
preference, dependence, interference
attendance, acceptance, endurance
All airfields in the country would be nationalised, and the government would continue with the development of new aircraft as recommended by the Brabazon Committee.

words with the prefix over, Language Skills Abroad
That which is superfluous “flows over and above” what is necessary.
A variant of the prefix super-, which also means “above,” is the morpheme sur-. For instance, a surname is that name which is “over” a family and thereby identifies it, or the family’s last name. The surface of something is etymologically the face that lies “over” what it’s covering. When you surpass everyone else’s SAT scores at your school, you pass “over” them all, thus getting the highest score. One who takes a survey of people wants to look “over” what they think. And have you ever been hit with a surcharge on your cell phone bill, those sneaky little charges that go “over” what you are supposed to pay? Sometimes you’d like to hit those kinds of charges “over” the head!

4) She didn’t believe him, she thought his story was ___.
Example: She’s unable to attend tomorrow’s meeting.